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Welcome to the No Bra Club Pec Flex

The first rule of "No Bra Club" is... definitely talk about "No Bra Club" lol When you have perfectly round, huge, firm melons, who needs a bra? Wait until you see me super pumped up! My big fake boobs getting bigger and bigger. Using my band to flex my pecs hard over and over. Now time to get my biceps full of blood.. starting off with a warm up, repping out. F*ck these baby weights, time to grow muscles! 25lb dumbbells, yes, much better! Starting to feel my muscles work hard. You like my sexy, fit body don't you? Now let's get serious.. I am about to rock your cock as I curl these 30lb dumbbells! Now we are talkin' !!! Showing off my muscle strength and control. Locking in my bicep pose for you, is your cock bulging out of your pants yet? My biceps are certainly bulging out of my top! Whew!!! So hot right now, flexing and sweating.. got to cool down... or do we? Splashing water on my top so you see my massive boobs through my shirt! I love working my sexy body hard for you!!! Out come the titties.. BOOM!

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