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Ultimate Pec Flex Queen Contest

This is the ultimate contest. Every fit girl wants the honor of the pec flex Queen crown! I am scoping out my competitors and I know I got this! I have the biggest tits, oversized, round, perfect boobs.... first round showing off my range on a weight bench. I will flex and stretch, make your jaw drop. The amount of oil on me is insane, and I know how much the judges love oil! I know it is a perfect tit and pec flex show but I show off my hard earned biceps and show off my tits at the same time! I don't think the other girls stand a chance against me. I came to play and to take the crown that I so deserve. It is mine, I know it is! I will take my crown, pose down for it. Pull out every tit flex trick, bounce my heavy tits, shake side to side, bury my face in my tits, rapid fire flexing! Yessss, I want this, the crown is mine!! Second round using weights and rep out, arching my back as I press the weights. Now my tits are growing, getting bigger and bigger. I come close to show you how much my tits are growing and the judges are staring hard now! Squeeze each of my tits to show off how round and how huge they are. Again looking at my competition and I know I got this! YES, I have been crowned!!!!!!!!!!!!

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