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Let's Get Pumped Together Stroke You n Flex

I had this over whelming urge to get pumped together. I pump up my muscles.. biceps and massive tits and I will pump your cock as I flex! Baby, I want to help you pump your cock, I will stroke you so good as I flex my oversized overinflated boobs. Makes me so wet to flex for you, I need more and I know you want more. Hardcore tit flex in your face and a bicep flex like a preacher curl, I want your face buried in between my tits! Stroke that cock for me, yes baby. So turned on I need your dick rubbing my clit, I will flex harder. Pec flex so hard, bicep flexing .. more baby.. I know you love it flex and hold my tits, alternating tit flex and bicep flex! Stroke your cock again, I will make you cum! See your cum on my titties baby? Yes!

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