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Hottest Nerd Transformation Ever

Omg, I have been at this for hours, study.. study.. no! I cannot take it anymore! I have spent hours on mental stimulation. No more! I am done with my nerdy dress, I need to be physical, I need to take this dress off! I want to reveal my sexy, sheer bikini! Fuck yes, I need a crazy hot workout. Pump some weights, heavy bicep curls. Yes, oh God yes, pump up my sexy muscles! So hot and horny. I want to play with you, get you so hard... feels so good to pump up my sexy muscles! Yes, curling these heavy ass dumbbells, how heavy do you lift? I love lifting heaving to engorge my muscles, just like I want your cock to be so hard. My, my I am so turned on I will play with my little wet pussy, ahhhhhhhh yes! ahhhhhh yes! Oh yes, flexing, yes, titty projection yes, heavy tit bounce, breast expansion yes! Baby, everything you desire!

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