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Getting Ready For Date Night Fashion Show

My perfect date, you know I want to go to the batting cages! Sporty fucking spice girl, I want to pick the perfect outfit for you, hmmm which outfit do you really like? Watch me take my top off and flex and try on another hot fucking outfit for you! Which outfit makes you hard? Let me show you how hot I can be showing off my huge titties, my tiny waste, my sexy body. I love showing off my muscular body for you, flexing hard.. batter up baby. Watch me strut my sexy, athletic body, walking away yes watch my sexy ass, coming and going... Next outfit, getting hotter and hotter, oh my I like it big, in between my over inflated tits, batter up titty fuck with the bat fucking my tits! Ah yes, flexing so hard, showing off my ripped biceps, getting down and dirty squatting position .. I want you to stroke your dick and cum so fucking hard on my tight ass!

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