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Fit Goddess of Darkness Seduces You

Happy Halloween boys..I feel you and I feel your desire for me. You do not stand a chance against me, everything about me pulls you in, my huge tits, my sexy muscles. You have to have me, have to stroke for me, I will take you, take a bite and drain your blood and as I do I only get stronger, younger, my tits fucking grow with every drop of blood I suck out of you I grow my sexy muscles flexing harder and harder, as you get weaker. Look at me as I drain you, I am so much stronger now, muscles popping, tits growing bigger and bigger. I can make you immortal if I choose or I can put you down if you do not please me! You do not have a choice, take that cock and drain your balls now, suck you dry, if I take all of your cum I will live forever.. take your cock inside of me only makes me insanely strong, sexiest muscles forever, I know you will sacrifice yourself for me.. you know you want me to flex more to be your Fit Goddess Forever!

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