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Bikini Fashion Show Which One Do You Like Best

I need help picking out the best bikini to blow the judges away! I want to show off my tan, tight muscles and massive, fake titties! Every bikini I try on shows off my fit body, but I want to know which bikini gets your cock super hard? Flexing in each bikini, let's see how they handle my tits growing bigger and bigger. Posing and flexing! I want to make every girl on stage jealous of my tight body. I see the judges are going crazy, taking their cocks out and jacking off as I pose on stage. The men are all drooling, the women want to pose with me.. showing off my pec muscles by flexing hard, flexing my biceps and then yes, I turn around and show my big, tight booty. Do you like the bikini that has been chosen? I think you will, once I jump on top of your throbbing dick and ride you insanely hard.. expanding my huge titties in your face with your cock deep inside of me!

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